Sunday, September 21, 2014

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Ophélie Winter was injured

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  • Within a week, this is the beginning of great talent show dance: Dancing with the stars! If we wait to see what will give Tovati Elisa on stage, Corneille, Miguel Angel Munoz or even Tonya Kinzinger (aka Jessica in under the sun), we say that hearing the beautiful Ophélie Winter would have a lot of requirements what énerverait many manufac ...
    Apparently, the interpreter of "Shame on you" no way would we filmed after training with the sweat on his face, but would also like we do not see it on Pictures of communication and other shooting sessions where she would put forward ... These are just rumors but oddly, I do not have too much trouble believing it ... And you?

    Meanwhile, the pretty blonde was injured in training sessions but nothing serious apparently: "Little bit of slack after a minor injury yesterday. Rest today to come back even stronger! , "She wrote on her Facebook account.

    A week before the game, the suspense is at its peak! We can not wait to see if the star of the hit 90s Machine is equally at home in dance that song!


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