Thursday, September 25, 2014

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Nicole Minetti wants to open a dental practice in Rome?

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  • According to some rumors the Minetti could become an entrepreneur in the health.

    Nicole Minetti © Milestone / IPA

    The parenthesis policy for Nicole Minetti seems to have closed, at least for now. And, according to rumors published by the website Social Channel, the former regional councilor in Lombardy would head an all-new design.

    In reality it would be a sort of "back to basics" since you seem determined to open a dental clinic and surgical center in Rome and was seeking the appropriate place along with a dear friend.

    The Minetti, in fact, has an undergraduate degree in dental hygiene and a Level II in Health professions and technical assistance before being a candidate in regional elections held the activities of a dental hygienist.

    Now 29 years old and life experiences she has had several in recent times, with the great media exposure that has had and with the activities he has done, not only on the banks of the Lombardy Regional Council as well as the face and on the catwalk as model swimsuits ... but, apparently, there was a bit 'of nostalgia for the white coat!


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