Sunday, September 21, 2014

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Lady Gaga fits fashionable dress of the country

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  • While in Turkey for a concert, Lady Gaga has shocked many on stage with her eccentric outfits and very little cover deemed "provocative" by the news agency of the country. It would still have made an effort over the country in which it is represented! Turkey is a Muslim country so therefore very prudish about female outfits ...

    Yet she was part of the right foot by taking the perfect outfit for a good Muslim (except glasses objective format cameras ...), wearing a long black dress (pretty close to a burka finally) with how a "chador" head scarf. Forced to find that his new look of the day did not follow up on stage!
    On the other hand, is what you seriously imagine Gaga covered from head to toe at a concert ??? That's what was causing !!!


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