Sunday, September 21, 2014

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Jennifer Lopez moves her Booty in a torrid clip

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  • If you have epilepsy, do not look ESPECIALLY NOT clip. With Booty, Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea we offer a video which is also a big headache butt shot in the head.

    Watch out, Jennifer Lopez hopes to show the world that when it comes to move her ass, she's still in the game. At a time when Nicki Minaj and Anaconda in eyeful enthusiasts impressive post, Jenny from the block do not let it go and pulls Booty . A title that applies perfectly to the clip, unveiled last night, as elegant as a lap dance in a harbor in the depths of Tennessee. With this new video, J-Lo offers the world an ode to the buttocks four minutes, filled with images that would have deserved their place in an issue of Playboy .

    In body, wet and covered with a transparent and highly viscous liquid, Jennifer Lopez famous moves her buttocks accompanied by a rapper who defies the laws of gravity with his: Iggy Azaela. Together, the two artists are lasciviously sliding their strengths glancing smoldering at the camera in a series of ultra jerky plans that will cause a good series of seizures. It is ultra hot, sometimes too much, it gives a headache, but we can not deny that J-Lo has succeeded: to honor his booty.


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