Monday, August 23, 2010

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Vienna Girardi Cold Shoulder At Emmy Party

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  • She’s risen to nationwide notoriety thanks to her breakup with Jake Pavelka after “The Bachelor” but apparently not everyone knows who Vienna Girardi is.
    For example, the doorman at the Audi/Chopard Emmy kickoff party denied Girardi access to the shindig and sent her home frustrated.
    While waiting for her car, Vienna was spotted chatting with comedienne Kathy Griffin who encouraged her to keep her head up.
    Kathy told press, "I told her that the After the Final Rose, or whatever that was, was riveting. I stand by my statement that it was riveting. And I said that it didn't matter if public opinion went her way, I was on her side. However, I'm not willing to wear a 'Team Vienna' T-shirt or put on a warm-up suit, which she is in, or run a marathon on her behalf. However, it does appear that Jake would be a douche!"


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