Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Audrina followed up by tweeting the following morning

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  • Making time for a day of fitness fun, Audrina Patridge paid a visit to the 1st Annual Muscle Milk Light Women's Fitness Retreat in Beverly Hills, California on Tuesday (June 15).

    Held at a private residence, the "Hills" hottie donned her sexy Under Armour workout gear as she partook in numerous training sessions before cooling off with a refreshing Muscle Milk beverage.

    Tweeting after the strenuous outing, Miss Patridge wrote, "At the earth bar getting my health on!!.... Just went o muscle milk/under armor event and worked out w/my trainer jarett. Healthy day!:)"

    Having since made her way to the east coast, Audrina followed up by tweeting the following morning, telling, "Fun night last night!!:).... Went to key club to see kelley james! You guys should check him out! Now on my way to nyc! Its soo early!"


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