Monday, March 22, 2010

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Lady Gaga could have a hit song without even singing a single note!

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  • Lady Gaga could have a hit song without even singing a single note! The ditty she threwAmerican Idol runner-up Adam 'Glambert' Lambert, titled 'Fever', is a foot-stompin' cracker on his album For Your Entertainment.

    In case you've forgotten, Lambert was the musical-theatre lovin', glam-rock lookin', gender bending Idol contestant challenging homophobia through the power of karaoke last season. Somehow the eyeliner king made it to second base only to be pipped at the post by bland Nickelback-esque rocker, Kris Allen.
    Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga

    Which is just as well. Instead of recording an insipid "you can achieve your dreams" type ballad the winner is always forced to warble, Lambert got a song co-written by Gaga.

    Meanwhile Pink, Muse's Matt Bellamy and, in a match made in leopard-print heaven, Justin Hawkins (remember the Darkness?) also kindly handed over some songs for the new album.

    But the star-littered roll call suggests the album should be wayyyy better than it is. 'Fever', 'Music Again' and 'Whataya Want From Me' are standouts but with OTT vocal stylings, a listen to the full 15 tracks results in ear fatigue.

    With a killer voice and awesome contributors, the ingredients are there for a glamtastic classic, but in this case less may well have been more.


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