Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disck

  • Let's Get Social
  • After spending the day hard at work, an adorably dressed Kourtney Kardashianand babydaddy Scott Disick were spotted heading out for a quiet dinner together on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach on Wednesday (March 3).

    Greeted by fans and paparazzi upon exiting the Dash boutique, Scott dutifully held the door for Kourtney while constantly checking to make sure that she was okay.

    With the twosome heading off for the evening’s meal, Miss Kardashian left her recently arrived sister to tend to babysitting duties with little Mason.

    In not so pleasant news, Scott’s past ways have recently been outed by a former classmate named Jason Green, who told In Touch Weekly magazine, “Scott had a couple of nicknames in high school. One was Number One Scum, and the other was STD.”

    “There were just as many rumors about him then as there are now. Scott thought the initials STD — sexually transmitted disease — enhanced his reputation as a ladies’ man. He even wore dog tags with ‘STD’ printed on them!”


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