Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Victoria Beckham-spotted picking the boys up from school in Sherman Oaks

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  • Tending to her parental duties while David’s away, Victoria Beckham was spotted picking the boys up from school in Sherman Oaks on Monday afternoon (January 11).

    Showing off her slimming frame, the former Spice Girl walked alongside Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn - escorting them over to a yogurt stand for a post school snack.

    Meanwhile, Mrs Beckham is readying to watch her guest spots on “American Idol” - as the new season kicks off on FOX tonight (January 12).

    During her judging appearances, Posh is said to have revealed a softer side, as she told: “I was really, really nervous. I didn’t want to trample on anybody’s dreams. I’m very much a positive person and I believe in positive energy. I can find something nice to say about most people. Even if they’re completely useless they may have a nice pair of shoes on.”

    “I think sometimes Simon thought I was too nice. They’re gonna find out they’re pretty c**p soon enough. They don’t need me adding to that,” Victoria added.


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