Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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    Here is some movie news featuring some of Hollywood’s top actors…..


    Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Need we say more? The two are reportedly in talks to star together in Children of Men director Alfonso Cuaron’s The Tourist. These two would be PERFECT together on screen! The film would be about Depp’s character, an American tourist, falling in love with Angelina’s character, an Interpol agent. sounds like an action/adventure/romance! We can’t wait!


    Jake Gyllenhaal is currently deep in talks to star in the sci-fi thriller Source Code, about a soldier who wakes up in another mans body and has to solve the mystery of a train explosion in order to discover who he really is. The film is to be directed by Duncan Jones, David Bowie’s son.


    Gwyneth Paltrow is officially signed on to the film The Danish Girl, which currently has Nicole Kidman as well. The film is about the world’s first transsexual, and Kidman and Paltrow will be playing husband and wife . This film is based on a true story, and Charlize Theron was attached in the role of Greta Wagner, which is who Paltrow will be portraying. We guarantee some girl on girl action. Should be interesting…..


    Diane Kruger will be co-starring with Liam Neeson in Unknown White Male, a film about a man who wakes from a coma to find that another man has assumed his identity. Neeson was recently in the box office hit Taken, and will be in the upcoming film version of The A-Team.


    Sony pictures, who gave us Michael Jackson’s This Is It, is doing another concert film, this one in 3D. Country superstar Kenny Chesney will be starring in Kenny Chesney: Summer 3D, which will be a limited engagement film starting in April of next year. A 3D concert sounds cool, however, a Kenny Chesney concert does not.

    What do you think??


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